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April 19, 2012


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Hi Sandy:

Thanks for your comments - sorry to hear about your experience of moving from QuickBooks PC to QuickBooks Mac.

Unfortunately, I hear similar stories all the time on this topic.

The good news - if you take your QB data file from Windows into the QuickBooks 2013 for Windows, all of your memorized reports should transfer with no trouble.

If you like the Mac platform, consider running the Windows version of QuickBooks inside of it. There are several ways to do that - the Apple store can assist.

Scott Gregory

2 days ago I switched from quickbooks pro 2010 to quick books Mac 2013. I have been a quickbooks user for over 12 years for a very large church. What a nightmare this has been!! I lost about 30 memorized reports and as of today still have not been able to recreate a single report. I REALLY wish we would have done some research prior to the switch. I highly recommend doing your research. I find the qb Mac 2013 to be very slow and to customize a report has been very frustrating. I totally regret the switch. It have been a terrible experience. I like the Mac in general but I think the qb Mac 2013 is more for small businesses. Any pointers would be appreciated. Does anyone know if you loose your memorized reports if you upgrade to qb pro window 2013?

Yes we moved from the PC to Mac and totally regret it. I thought it was just us, maybe user error but it's a total mess and I'm going to contact QB's to see if we can switch back. Most frustrating thing ever!

What is your thought on running parrelles on a Mac to use Quickbooks premier contractors. I am in the ,arket for a new pc and so far Best Buy has had no reps available until I have waited for a half hour for the second time. Really getting frustrated and everyone I know that has a Mac loves it. I know th QB fore Mac won't work for me. Have read the payroll is all messed up. So I need to access QB another way and we also use a wireless router for my daughters computer


I tried Parallells but found it slow and frustrating, I do have a Mac running Windows 7 now using boot camp and it is faster but that computer is pretty much dedicated to Windows only tasks such as Publisher. It is not the main Mac on my desk. Switching back and forth between OSs is not practical.

No offense, but having to use Windows to achieve parity with QB is a solution, but a poor one. We chose Macs for lots of reasons and I don't think it is unreasonable to have something CLOSE to parity as a result.

Regardless of the major differences between Mac vs, PC QBs, there have really been no notable enhancements to the Mac versions in 3-4 yearly updates.

This is especially frustrating because Bill Campbell Chairman and former CEO Intuit Corp. is on the Board of Directors of Apple!

Hi Tina:

Many that I know of have reported success and satisfaction with using QuickBooks for PC via Parallels or some other virtual type setup within a Mac.

You could also consider putting QuickBooks for PC in a hosted environment such as that of InSynq - www.cpaasp.com.

Scott Gregory

Thanks for the post! I have a client who is an all Mac environment, he's a contractor, and it is very frustrating to know what PC version will do verses Mac version since I have other clients on PC version.

I have explored trying to use QuickBooks for PC on Mac OS using Parallels as an option. Any guidance to that would be appreciated.

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