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How Do I Know Where My QuickBooks Data File is Stored?

It is always a good idea to know where your QuickBooks data file(s) are stored. One main reason this is essential is to ensure that the file is being backed up every day (and it should be!). In addition, in the event any troubleshooting of your QuickBooks has to take place, knowing the location can save a lot of time.

If you ask your IT person where your data files are located, you may get some type of cryptic answer that provides more confusion than resolution.

Take control and see for yourself where your QuickBooks data is stored. Simply click File (in the menu bar) and then click Open Previous Company. The information you see here will tell you exactly where the data is stored.

If you see the letters C, D, or E at the beginning of the listing, this likely means that the data is stored on the hard drive of your computer. If you see letters like P, Q or higher, that likely means that the data is stored on another computer (likely a server or other desktop) and you have connected to that computer through your internal network.


When working with QuickBooks for Windows, your data files will end with the letters .QBW. This is shorthand for "QuickBooks for Windows". This is the main data file that contains all the financial transactions of your business since you began using QuickBooks.




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