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I just got a new computer - how do I transfer my QuickBooks information?

So you just got a new PC (or will be getting one soon). Congratulations!

And now the question arises - "How do I transfer my QuickBooks to the new computer?"

Good news - the process is not hard at all. Here's how...


Remember, there are two pieces that work together to form your QuickBooks setup:

  1. The QuickBooks software application (program)
  2. Your QuickBooks data file


Take your QuickBooks CD (or the installation file if you chose the download option when you purchased QuickBooks) and install it on the new computer. Follow the prompts found in the installation wizard, and complete the process.

Be sure to pay careful attention to the prompt that talks about downloading product updates - you'll want to do that also as part of the installation of the QuickBooks program on your new computer.

ALERT: If you are trying to use an older version of QuickBooks software on your new computer, it may NOT work. Keep in mind that only QuickBooks 2010 and newer versions will run and are supported on Windows 7. Don't even bother trying to get an older version to work - you will want to purchase an upgrade to your QuickBooks software first.


Now that the QuickBooks program has been installed and updated, go back to your old computer.

Open QuickBooks on it.

Click File (in the menu bar) > Open Previous Company. This will tell you exactly where you QuickBooks data file is located. Make note of the EXACT name of the file as it is listed.

Navigate to that location and copy the file to a flash drive. Take the flash drive and plug it in to your new computer. Make a new folder on your computer called QuickBooks Data (or other name of your choosing) and copy the file from your flash drive to this new folder.

Finally, open QuickBooks. Click File > Open or Restore Company and locate the new file you created above and you're back in business.

SUGGESTION: If the description above is too technical for you, grab the closest teenager you can find. They'll have it done in a minute or less.

Once you are done with both steps above, you are ready to dig in and use QuickBooks on your new computer! From that point on, don't put any QuickBooks information in your old computer, since the new one will not know anything about it.





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Hi Katrina:

All you have to do is open your old (2005) QB data file using QuickBooks 2013. It will prompt you to upgrade the data at that time.

Should be all you need to do.

Scott Gregory

My case will be more easy. I need to export the exist file from Quickbook 2005 to quickbook 2013. How to do it? Please advice!

Great post.


If you uninstall QuickBooks from the old computer once the transfer is done, this does not count as using another license.

Scott Gregory

If I follow the steps listed above will it use another license of Quickbooks?

Hi Don:

Did you download and install all the updates to QuickBooks via Help > Update QuickBooks > Update Now?

This will likely take care of the problem you are reporting.

Scott Gregory

I have a laptop that has windows 7 on it and loaded qb pro 2011. imported my old QB data file, opened the company and everything seemed fine. Then It would not bring up the screen that takes you to the various parts of q-books, invoicing, customers etc. I closed the company file and opened the sample company and everything works fine. What gives?

Hi Fiona:

Unfortunately, the only people that can help you with your issue is the customer support group at Intuit.

If there is trouble with the license #, they will be the only ones to know why.

Scott Gregory

HI, during the installation it asks me for the product no and license no. I put them in but it says they are invalid, which they aren't. I really need to move QB from one pc to another new one, and Intuit will charge for help, can you give me any advice please?


Here is now I would do it:

1) Install QB 2011 on your new computer
2) Look for your data file on the old computer. Click File > Open Previous Company and that will tell you where it is located.
3) Copy the file from #2 to your new computer and upgrade it into the 2011 version.

That should take care of it for you.

Scott Gregory

I have Quickbooks 2005 on CD. I have upgraded to 2011. How would I transfer the program over to a new computer? Would I use the 2005 CD even though you mentioned it's not compatible with Windows 7? I already paid for the upgrade for 2011, does this mean I would have to buy it all over again?


If you have lost the QuickBooks CD, you'll want to visit and choose the Download Product option (once you have selected the right version). Follow the steps from there to download your version. You'll still need the license number somehow in order to complete the installation.

Scott Gregory


To move QuickBooks from one computer to another:

1. Install and register QuickBooks on the new computer.
2. Back up the company file on the old computer.
3. Restore the backup on the new computer.

If you installed a newer version of QuickBooks on the new computer, the company file will be updated automatically the first time you open it.

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