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QuickBooks Time Tracker and Time and Billing Being Discontinued


If you currently use either:

  • QuickBooks Time Tracker or
  • QuickBooks Time and Billing

Both of these applications are being discontinued as of December 1, 2011, so the race is on for your business to find a replacement!


If you read the Intuit announcement about these applications being discontinued, you may be led to believe that you MUST choose the eBillity option as your replacement.

That is NOT true - you are able to select from any of the time and billing solutions that integrate with QuickBooks.


ClickTime Logo
I have recently gotten to know the sales and management team of ClickTime and have been highly impressed with their solution to the time tracking and expense reporting needs of small businesses.

The ClickTime solution integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks data file, so there is no double data entry involved. Their software is not installed on your local computers or network. Rather, it is accessed via a secure site on the internet. This means you don't have to wear an IT hat to install it or maintain it. They take care of all that for you.

I'll be writing more about ClickTime in future posts to help you develop a better understanding of how it works. But I know that you are pressed for time right now to find a quality alternative to the QuickBooks Time Tracker and Time and Billing applications and wanted to get this information to you.

A 30 day free trial of ClickTime is readily available for you to take a test drive.


The Intuit Marketplace also provides a list of other alternatives to the QuickBooks Time Tracker and Time and Billing Products. As with any other software purchase, due diligence is essential to ensure that the solution fits your needs and expectations.


Feel free to post a comment below to let our community know of your experience with the ClickTime Time and Billing Solution that integrates with QuickBooks.




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The problem with cloud-based or webbased programs with attorneys and paralegals is the attorney-client privilege, and letting a third party have access to confidential information that could damage a case. Any suggestions.

An alternative for Architects and Engineers is Praesto by Base Builders. Praesto is a robust tool that includes time slips along with a complete project management suite. Praesto integrates with QuickBooks so no need to change your accounting software. Visit www.basebuilders.com for more information.

We have been using Time and Billing for awhile now, and have always had issues with it. We have had a hard time finding the perfect solution, but with the discontinuation of Time and Billing, we are switching over to Big Time. Have you heard of Big Time, and if so can you tell me why you would recommend Click Time over it? Also, what are the costs associated with it? thanks!

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