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Hidden Bonus When Entering Transactions in QuickBooks

You may not have noticed it, but tucked off to the right side of the screen when entering transactions in QuickBooks is a tab that says "Transaction"

I recently ventured into that area for the first time and came across some pleasant surprises. Here is a screen shot of this area:

Nestled inside this area are three very helpful pieces of information:

  1. Summary information - who created the transaction, who changed it, etc. The "View" link takes you directly to the audit trail report for that transaction.
  2. Related transactions - a list of any transactions that are tied to this one (payments for invoices, etc.). The "History" link takes you to a very handy history report so you can see everything going on.
  3. Notes - This is the real find for me! Instead of being forced to enter specific information only in the Memo section, you have the ability to enter and track all sorts of details about THIS specific transaction!


This pane of information can only be found in QuickBooks 2011 and newer versions.

(Update: Apparently, this information is NOT available in anything other than the Accountants Edition of QuickBooks 2011. It is definitely available in Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2012.)

This was a great find for me!

Will it change the way you enter transactions in QuickBooks? Let me know your thoughts about this functionality in the comment box below.





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Hi Bonnie:

I am beginning to think that this feature was only available in only the Accountants Edition for 2011, as I see it there in that version.

If this is a feature you really desire, I am 100% positive it is in QB 2012. Save 20% on your upgrade here:

Scott Gregory

I am having the same issue as Vickie Ayres. I have Pro 2011 and I do not see a separate Customer and Transaction tab, it just says History at the top.

I can not find this feature in 2011 Pro or Premier. I can open the history side tab but it doesn't have a customer and transaction tab at the top. I have not installed 2012 yet, are the 2 tabs only available in 2012?

Hi Joslyn:

Thanks for your post. I went back and double-checked Enterprise 2011 and much to my surprise, this feature is NOT there as you mention. That is very surprising to me.

I have updated the blog post to reflect this information, and emphasized that it is available in all versions of 2012.

Scott Gregory

Is it possible that Enterprise shows that same screen differently? On the right I have a history screen, but it does not have tabs like you showed in your post. And while I can keep generic notes for the customer in that screen, they are not transaction specific. I have QB Enterprise 2011

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