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March 08, 2011


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Hi Shelley:

So what happens if you right click on your customer list and choose to "re-sort list" into its' original order?

Be sure the list is in hierarchical view to do the sort.

Hope that fixes it...

Scott Gregory

We use numerical jobs with our customers. Example 010113 may be for customer ABC Company and 010213 may be for DEF Incorporated.

I had our customers List in alphabetical order and the jobs were in decending order. Example, Job #010313 that was also for DEF Incorporated was listed above Job #010213.

Today, I clicked something that has caused the jobs to be grouped with other job #'s that are similar. Example 010312 is listed above 010313.

Do you possibly know how I can return my list to the way it was, without click and dragging? I have tried the Flat vs hierarchical view. However, that did not help either.

Thank you for your help.


You can name the jobs (and customers for that matter) however it makes sense for your specific needs.

You can label with a name, number or both - QuickBooks will accept any combination, whatever works best for you.

Scott Gregory

I have 10 jobs that we are doing for the CITY. So I created a customer account for the CITY and added job numbers for the 10 jobs under this customer. Each job will have a job number and this is also how we will file the paperwork in the file cabinet. Is it necessary to give the customer a number or is the name just ok?

ex. 13-01 CITY.....(or can this just be CITY?)
13-01.001 Main Street and North Dr.
13-01.002 Missouri Dr and River Street

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