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February 15, 2011


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You will have to buy another license of the same year of QuickBooks Premier that you are currently using (i.e. QB Premier 2013). This purchase plus your existing license will allow two of you to work in a QuickBooks file at the same time.

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Scott Gregory

I'm using a Premier quickbook with single user license. I want to add 1 additional user to use the same company date, asked for quote from Intuit and we need to pay $340/additional license. Can I buy another single user license with less cost to use the same company file?

Hi Woody:

Thank you for the feedback on this article - appreciate it.

Not sure what your experience has been, but I find as much confusion about the multi-seat licensing of QuickBooks as there is about the EULA by itself. If you have any resources that better explain that, I'd be happy to share them.

Good analogy about driving the car for sure!

Scott Gregory

Very good breakdown, Scott, is exactly or near exactly as how I explain it to users. However, you can either buy a unique license for each person using QB or a multi-seat license, it's really about making sure that each unique human being clicking on the QB icon during any time of the license life are covered. I like the driver's license example, where there is one car but all family members need a license (or seat in the license) to drive. And this policy is no different for citrix or RDS, etc. Each different user must have a license or a seat on the multi-user license.

Scott - very informative article. It clears up a lot of the mystery surrounding Quickbooks licenses.
For more specific questions I have found the chat support on the Intuit site to be very helpful.


I am unsure how the UK version works, but guessing it is similar to the US.

With the US version, you just uninstall via the Control Panel. There is no specific process to "unregister" a copy of QuickBooks.

From there, you'd just install on the new computer as desired.

Hope this helps!

Scott Gregory

Hi Scott,

I use Quickbooks Pro 2010, its a UK version.

We currently have it installed on two computers, used by one person. However want to uninstall it on one and install it on a new computer. Will I be able to do this? How can I 'unregister' it on the old computer?

Many thanks


We have a 2 user license, one for me and one for my boss. Can we install it on a laptop as well to take to meetings without purchasing another license? The only two people using this would be me and my boss.


To answer your question - yes, you have to purchase a license for each computer that will be using QuickBooks.

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Scott Gregory

My boss just upgraded to quickbooks pro 2012, do we have to purchase the product 4 times for all computers that we are adding it too.

Hi Ellen:

As mentioned in this post, I am not an expert on the QuickBooks licensing agreement.

However, based on what you have outlined, it sounds ok to me within the scope of their requirements.

Scott Gregory


If you are using the UK Premier 2010 version, I can't see why it wouldn't upgrade to the UK Premier 2011 version.

As I only work with the US versions, you may want to check in with Intuit on that just to be sure.

Scott Gregory

i have quickbooks premier 2010 can i upgrade to quickbooks premier 2011 uk version

Scott - I use Quickbooks Pro 2012 for my business with a single user license. I see that I could install a second copy of the software on a laptop for use at home. I would only want to use the second laptop copy with a company file set up for a nonprofit group I volunteer for. Can I do this? The nonprofit company data file would only be accessed at home on the laptop. There would never be more than one person accessing a company data file at the same time, but there may be more than one person accessing the program at the same time (at home on the laptop working on the nonprofit data file & at the office working on the business data file). Is this OK?


You are correct - if you purchase QuickBooks from someone that has already registered it, you are in violation of the Intuit licensing agreement.

The only way you can successfully do that is to get the other person to complete a transfer of asset form with Intuit, and that is typically when a business is sold, etc.

Scott Gregory

Bare with me here: What are the ramifications of purchasing QB from a 2nd party who has already utilized the purchased edition? I'm told this is not legit, but please clarify if you would. Thanks....

Thanks a lot Scott:


You'll need to contact QuickBooks directly to resolve your registration problem. They are the only ones that can help at this stage.

Visit www.QuickBooks.com for contact options...

Scott Gregory

I had a problem with registering Quickbooks. 5 computers were already registered but the sixth one has a problem. All other computers that attempted to register has a problem so its not a problem within a computer.

Previously, I can register online by entering the registered email address and other information, but now, it does not go ahead for registration. Instead, it redirects the registration to enter a validation code which should be taken from a quickbooks staff. Since we cannot contact Quickbooks, we cannot register other laptops with Quickbooks. What should I do?


Indeed, the purchase of 2 user licenses will allow both computers to access your QuickBooks data at the same time, assuming you have the proper networking in place to allow the file to be shared.

Scott Gregory

If we purchase 2 single user licenses, can they be set up to update the same QB file concurrently?


If you are purchasing someones' old computer with QuickBooks on it, you are transferring assets from them to you.

If that is the case, to be properly licensed, you (or the previous owner) will need to contact Intuit and arrange for an asset transfer form to be filled out so that you can be shown as the proper owner of the QuickBooks software.

The license stays with the original owner unless you are able to qualify for one of these asset transfers. Otherwise, you have to purchase your own copy of QuickBooks and install it.

Confusing I know...

Scott Gregory

What would happen if you were to purchase someone's old computer that already has QBs installed or if a family member gave you there old computer that already registered the software and license?...

Please explain? Isn't it one license per computer? So if I now were to own that computer wouldn't the software be mine? What about support if I decided to take that computer? Would I be able to get hel under that license? Could I use it for my own purposes and put in my name? Or am I forced to use my family members name?

I just don't understand?

We currently have a 2000 program and it is becoming very slow. When we are doing searches on the memo section, if we are going 2 months back, the search takes a long time. If we are in single user, it goes much faster. Are there any versions that do these type of searches quickly when all 5 users are on a the same time? How about if we are looking for an invoice 4-6 months back?

I have a questions. From what I have been reading, as long as it is installed on a server can Quickbooks be accessed by anyone as long as the acesses at one time do not exceed the number of licenses purchased?

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