Running a Sales by Customer Report in QuickBooks
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Running a Sales by Item Report in QuickBooks

Trying to find an easy way to recap exactly what you sold during the last month, quarter or year?

The Sales by Item Summary report in QuickBooks makes it a snap to see that information!

Accessed by clicking Reports (in the menu bar), then Sales, then Sales by Item Summary, a report like this appears:

  Sales by Item Summary

This report recaps the following information:

  • Quantity of an item sold
  • Total $ amount of an item sold
  • Total $ of item sold as a % of total sales
  • Average selling price of an item
  • Average Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Gross Margin $ and Gross Margin % IF the item is set up in QuickBooks as an Inventory Part or Inventory Assembly item. If the item is set up as anything other than those, it will NOT show COGS or Gross Margin details, since QuickBooks is not tracking that information for those types of items.


Just click the Dates drop-down list in the upper left hand corner of the report and choose the date range you prefer to see. QuickBooks will then refresh the data with these new dates for you.

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The Sales by Item reports are designed to show what was sold.

If an item is inactive, it can't be sold.

Can you expand on your specific needs a bit to see if we can find a solution?

Scott Gregory

How can I run the report to include inactive items?


When I run this report my item "name" and item "description" appear together, the description is in parentheses.

I want to export this file into Excel but want the item "name" by itself.

Do you know a way to make this happen.

Hi James:

The quantities for the total column was an update that Intuit built into QB - I believe it was in QuickBooks 2010 that first appeared (this is the US version I'm referring to).

I did not do anything special to get this report to look like this.

Scott Gregory

How did you get the quantities to total in Sales by Item Report in QuickBooks?

I can't find any way to get this to run in my report.


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