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February 24, 2011


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The Sales by Item reports are designed to show what was sold.

If an item is inactive, it can't be sold.

Can you expand on your specific needs a bit to see if we can find a solution?

Scott Gregory

How can I run the report to include inactive items?


When I run this report my item "name" and item "description" appear together, the description is in parentheses.

I want to export this file into Excel but want the item "name" by itself.

Do you know a way to make this happen.

Hi James:

The quantities for the total column was an update that Intuit built into QB - I believe it was in QuickBooks 2010 that first appeared (this is the US version I'm referring to).

I did not do anything special to get this report to look like this.

Scott Gregory

How did you get the quantities to total in Sales by Item Report in QuickBooks?

I can't find any way to get this to run in my report.


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