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The question about the ability to print packing slips in QuickBooks comes up frequently.

Here's the good news - it is possible to print them.


If you go hunting around the various screens and menus of QuickBooks, you won't find any reference to packing slips. Except for one place...

The drop down list where you choose which template to use for either a sales order or an invoice:

Packing Slip

Once you have discovered this, you have hit the jackpot! (at least as far as packing slips goes that is...)


Unlike some software that has a special menu to "print packing slips", QuickBooks simply views a packing slip (or a pick list for that matter) as just another version (or template) of either a sales order or an invoice.

Just like you have a template that you use for creating sales orders or invoices, QuickBooks provides you some default templates for packing slips and pick lists as well. You can customize these forms just like you can customize any other form in QuickBooks.

So, at the time you need to create one, you simply go to the sales order or invoice screen, click the template drop down and choose the one you want to use. Once you've created the packing slip, you then revert the template back to the normal invoice or sales order template and print or e-mail that as needed.

No worries - this process of changing back and forth between the various template is NOT going to create duplicate sales orders or invoices in your QuickBooks. You can switch back and forth between them as much as you like.

BONUS TIP: Sales order functionality is available ONLY in the Premier and Enterprise editions of QuickBooks. If you are a manufacturer, distributor or contractor, be sure to learn more about how sales orders in QuickBooks can really streamline your work flow.




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I have a model that is used to create sales orders or invoices, QuickBooks provides templates for leaflets and lists.

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