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QuickBooks Enterprise 2011: Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding whether to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise 2011 or not?

Here are some questions I am commonly asked and my insight to help you make an educated buying decision.

Q: Why would I need to leave QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

A: There are some limitations within Pro and Premier that may force you to upgrade. Some of those are - maximum number of customer/vendors, inventory items, and most importantly, the size of your QuickBooks data file. You may simply outgrow the capabilities of Pro or Premier or you need more than 5 users at a time. See the link below to download my guide that explains the key differences in Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

Q: How many people can be in Enterprise 2011 at one time?

A: QuickBooks Enterprise 2011 is sold in 5 user increments. The smallest version is 5 users, and then it goes to 10 users, 15, users, etc. up to a maximum of 30 users. If you have a need for more than 5 people in QuickBooks, the Enterprise version is your only option - you can only have 3 people in QuickBooks Pro 2011 and no more than 5 people in QuickBooks Premier 2011.

Q: If I currently use QuickBooks Pro or Premier, will my data upgrade into QuickBooks Enterprise?

A: Your data will definitely upgrade into Enterprise from Pro or Premier. Intuit has made the process of migrating into QuickBooks Enterprise very easy to do.

Q: Is there a big learning curve for QuickBooks Enterprise?

A: If you are moving from QuickBooks Pro or Premier, there is zero learning curve. QuickBooks Enterprise uses the same user interface, icons and menu bars found in Pro and Premier. If you are moving from another accounting software package, there will be a learning curve for you. One of the things I hear frequently from businesses that do move into QuickBooks is that it is so much easier to use than the software they left behind.

Q: Do I have to specify which version of QuickBooks Enterprise I want when I order it? (i.e. Contractor version, Manufacturing/Wholesale version, etc.)

A: No, it is not necessary to specify the version you prefer. All versions are included on the installation CD and/or download file you receive. You simply choose which version you prefer during the installation process.

Q: What are the main differences between QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise?

A: A few key differences are: Enterprise can hold far more customer, vendor and inventory data; it works with a far larger data file size; you can combine multiple company data files for reporting purposes in Enterprise; it has far more robust security features that Pro or Premier.

Download my free guide for a complete breakdown of the differences between QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

 Q: What is this "Full Service Plan"(FSP) that I get with the purchase of Enterprise all about?

A: The FSP is an extra set of benefits that are available to you as a QuickBooks Enterprise customer that are NOT available to those using QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Some of these benefits include:

  • A free upgrade to the next version of QuickBooks Enterprise at no additional cost. For example, if you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise 2011, you would get a free upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise 2012 when it is released.
  • Full support from the QuickBooks Enterprise support desk for 12 months.
  • A free 100GB online data storage vault for 12 months to allow you automated, offsite backup and storage of your critical QuickBooks and other business data.


Q: What happens when my FSP expires? Am I forced to renew?

A: No. You are not forced to renew your FSP - unlike some software packages that do force you to purchase support every year, that is NOT required of QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you do opt to renew after your first free 12 months, Intuit will simply charge you the current FSP renewal price for the number of users you have. Some businesses really like this approach, as they can easily budget their accounting software costs every year and then get a copy of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise. Other businesses have no interest in renewing and simply let their FSP lapse.

If you do NOT renew your FSP, you simply do not renew the benefits mentioned above. If you wanted to purchase the latest version of Enterprise at a later date, you would pay the current price as though you were new to QuickBooks at that time.

Q: If I don't like QuickBooks Enterprise, can I move back into QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

A: Not directly. While it is a snap to move from QuickBooks Pro or Premier into Enterprise, there is no direct route from Enterprise into either Pro or Premier.

You would need to use a third party service such as QuickBooks Users Enterprise downgrade service to migrate your important accounting data back into Pro or Premier format.

Q: Can I access QuickBooks Enterprise from remote locations?

A: If your business is using a Windows server, you can take advantage of the Windows Terminal Server software built in to remotely access QuickBooks Enterprise (and any other software on your network).Check with your IT person on the licensing requirements for Windows Terminal Server.

You could also consider using a solution like GoToMyPC for remote access, but you will probably find that Windows Terminal Server is a better way to go.

Q: Is there a QuickBooks Enterprise for Mac?

A: At this time, there is only QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows and for Linux

Q: If I move into QuickBooks Enterprise from another accounting software package, what happens to my data from that package?

A: There are a number of factors to consider when transitioning from one software package to another. Do I try and transfer my data? Do I start fresh? Can I avoid rekeying my customer and vendor lists?

There are some data conversion services available to you, depending on what package you are leaving behind.

If you have concerns about moving from your accounting software into QuickBooks Enterprise, please contact me so we can discuss your situation in more detail and ensure you have all the insight you need.


I understand that a move to Enterprise is a big decision. The good news is that over 85,000 businesses like yours have made the successful transition into Enterprise.

Click the button below to contact me for help with your specific situation. As a Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Specialist voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction, I can help you figure all this out and get you the best discount available on QuickBooks Enterprise software.




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