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QuickBooks 2011: Improved Inventory Adjustment Screen

Continuing with the "what's new in QuickBooks 2011" theme...

If you use QuickBooks to track inventory, you'll be pleased to know that some improvements to the adjustment screen have been baked into the 2011 version.

Let's review them:

  • The upper left hand corner of the screen now clearly lists an "Adjustment Type" option. In prior versions, if you wanted to adjust the value of your inventory, you had to search out the "adjust value" check box in the lower part of the adjustment screen. Now your choices are more clearly visible and easy to choose from.
  • You can now manually select what items to add to the adjustment screen via the "Add Multiple Items" button. Once that window is open, it is easy to search for inventory by name, description and other fields. Naturally, there is a select all button to add all your inventory to the adjustment screen, but in many cases, that is far more information than is needed.
  • There is a new recap section of the screen that shows the "Item Info after Adjustment" so you can quickly and easily verify the impact of your adjustment on a particular item - no need to jump over to the item list to verify the correct results.

The screen shot below provides a visual so you can see the new layout of the Adjust Inventory screen (double click the image for a bigger view):

  Inventory Adjustment QB 2011

Intuit has done a really nice job making this screen more user-friendly and easier to use.

If you use this screen frequently, what other things would you like to see in future editions to make it even easier to work with?

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Hi Rustler:

Thanks for taking the time and posting your comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

I believe the thinking was that so many people missed the little "adjust value" checkbox in the lower left corner of the older versions that they wanted to make it more prominent in 2011. Just guessing though.

By the sound of things, you'd prefer the old way.

What other things do you see moving backwards as you mentioned?

Scott Gregory

The new inventory adjust is a step backwards in what is already a very basic inventory system.
When you have to do an adjustment to add a quantity and value (say the boss had some at home and brings them in), this is what is necessary (and it was not this complicated in all previous versions):
1. bring up inventory adjust-value adjustment and write down the present total value
2. now use the quantity and total value adjustment screen to change the quantity and the new total value.
Two step process where before it was one, and that is not the only thing has moved backwards in the user process in this area.

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