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QuickBooks Advisory: Memorized Reports May Corrupt or Disappear

Do you use one or more memorized reports in QuickBooks? If so, please read this post completely. It could literally save you hours and hours of time.

You KNOW you're having a bad day when you reach for your memorized reports in QuickBooks...

and then find out they aren't there.


you're not just missing one memorized report, but all 29 that you had in the list! What choice word(s) would you have to describe that?


This twisted tale of woe is a true story that happened recently with a client of mine. We've been trying to get to the bottom of the problem with the QuickBooks support group (more on that a bit later), but here is what we know:

  • My client was experiencing periodic crashes and disconnects in their QuickBooks file.
  • As part of the standard QuickBooks troubleshooting process, the client first performed a data verification. That did not work, so they did a data rebuild. That process indicated that 4 payroll checks from nearly four years ago had developed some type of problem and had become corrupt and needed fixed.
  • When they went to access a memorized report a day after taking the steps above, they came to the grim realization that their memorized report list was completely empty. None could be found.


Based on what I have seen and discussed with the support group, it appears that the payroll checks that "went rogue" in turn corrupted one of the memorized reports. Then, when the data rebuild was performed, it not only knocked out that report, but ALL the others in the list as well. There weren't a lot of clues at this crime scene to help reconstruct what actually happened, but it definitely occurred after a rebuild of the data file.

Intuit is still taking a look at the behind the scenes issues involved in this problem at press time, so we'll see what they discover, if anything.


In talking with the support group, my sense is that the problem of memorized reports getting corrupted and/or disappearing is a "known issue" at Intuit. This means that they have had businesses report similar circumstances to them in the past. They would not confirm or deny that this is a "known issue", but my take is that is sure is.


Unfortunately, I can't offer you a fool-proof way to ensure you never lose a memorized report. Here is what you can do to help minimize your pain:

  • Backup your QuickBooks data file frequently, and keep several of these copies around for safekeeping in case you have to restore it to...
  • Export the memorized report template from the backup copy into your "live" data file. If you click Reports > Memorized Reports List and then the "Memorized Report" button in the lower left hand corner of the screen, you'll see an "Export Template" option. You will be able to export some (likely not all) of your templates one by one to a safe place (i.e. My Documents, etc.). NOTE: You can export your templates at any time from your live file - you don't have to do it from a backup copy.
    Memorized Report Export Template


You may find that not all of your templates will export. If you use custom fields in your reports, they will simply not export. You could run into this message:

Memorized Report Export Warning

My suggestion is that you keep a hard copy of the memorized report handy AND create an Excel or Word file that documents the settings you have chosen to build the report. If you're like me, you won't remember these settings for long once the report is created!


Intuit has promised to look into the issue where some reports won't export. If I pick up any more insight from them about this, I will be sure to update this post. I may not hear anything for several months on this issue though, as I believe the root cause of the problem has to do with the inner programming of QuickBooks.

This particular story happened with the Enterprise version of QuickBooks, but I have no reason to think it couldn't happpen in the Pro or Premier versions of QuickBooks either. Intuit would not confirm that theory either.

My hope is that you never experience a situation like this with your QuickBooks. But, if you take the proactive steps above, it will definitely be far less of a pain-in-the-you-know-where if it does!


Please feel free to post a comment below about your experience with memorized reports becoming corrupted or completely vanishing so we can compare notes!

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My company has been having this problem for months. Sometimes the reports disappear completely; sometimes they show in the list but won't open; sometimes the data morphs. & the morphing doesn't seem to make any sense. As in, I'll create a custom report, & a completely different report I hadn't touched morphs from say banking info to employee/PR info.

Hi Axel:

Sorry to hear that this problem with memorized reports has nailed you also.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any fixes on this issue from Intuit. Continue to hear the "we're working on it because we know it is there" type of thing, but nothing more firm than that.

Maybe you can roll back to a backup file where they are still working? Just a suggestion - may or may not be a practical approach for you.

Scott Gregory

I just ran into this problem. Any updates on this issue?

There are actually 2 more common reasons that memorized reports will not export:
1. The report is filtered to settings that will not transfer to ANY QuickBooks file. For example, if you have a report of check details filtered to a specific bank account it will not export. But one with the Account filter set to "All bank accounts" will export successfully. So for the purpose of exporting, designing the reports this way makes a more
versatile report - that can be filtered specifically once it is in the destination file.
2. QuickBooks Pro edition does not have the ability to export. As an ProAdvisor, I've helped clients with this very issue by using my Accountant Edition to export their reports to import to another QuickBooks file. Any QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise edition can export templates and all QuickBooks Pro & above can import.

Known issue or not, good file maintenance (regular verification and follow up if any problems arise) will go a long way to preventing this kind of corruption. Waiting until the molehill is a mountain always leads to more trouble.
In 12+ years supporting QB, I've never had a problem with memorized reports where other data issues were not present. Even then, it's only been a handful of clients - mostly in Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Solution does have a structural issue with memorized reports that can be worked around with a few steps until they get it fixed. Your advice on exporting is a great recap of part of this solution. Visit for the complete details. Perhaps this will help James' problem.

Hope it helps you.

Intuit has promised to look into the issue where some reports won't export. If I pick up any more insight from them about this, I will be sure to update this post. I may not hear anything for several months on this issue though, as I believe the root cause of the problem has to do with the inner programming of QuickBooks.
i really don't understand that.

Scott, I'm having the same problem on enterprise. installing the new build R8 as we speak, we'll see if that fixes the issue.

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