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August 31, 2010


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My company has been having this problem for months. Sometimes the reports disappear completely; sometimes they show in the list but won't open; sometimes the data morphs. & the morphing doesn't seem to make any sense. As in, I'll create a custom report, & a completely different report I hadn't touched morphs from say banking info to employee/PR info.

Hi Axel:

Sorry to hear that this problem with memorized reports has nailed you also.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any fixes on this issue from Intuit. Continue to hear the "we're working on it because we know it is there" type of thing, but nothing more firm than that.

Maybe you can roll back to a backup file where they are still working? Just a suggestion - may or may not be a practical approach for you.

Scott Gregory

I just ran into this problem. Any updates on this issue?

There are actually 2 more common reasons that memorized reports will not export:
1. The report is filtered to settings that will not transfer to ANY QuickBooks file. For example, if you have a report of check details filtered to a specific bank account it will not export. But one with the Account filter set to "All bank accounts" will export successfully. So for the purpose of exporting, designing the reports this way makes a more
versatile report - that can be filtered specifically once it is in the destination file.
2. QuickBooks Pro edition does not have the ability to export. As an ProAdvisor, I've helped clients with this very issue by using my Accountant Edition to export their reports to import to another QuickBooks file. Any QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise edition can export templates and all QuickBooks Pro & above can import.

Known issue or not, good file maintenance (regular verification and follow up if any problems arise) will go a long way to preventing this kind of corruption. Waiting until the molehill is a mountain always leads to more trouble.
In 12+ years supporting QB, I've never had a problem with memorized reports where other data issues were not present. Even then, it's only been a handful of clients - mostly in Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Solution does have a structural issue with memorized reports that can be worked around with a few steps until they get it fixed. Your advice on exporting is a great recap of part of this solution. Visit http://bit.ly/9SFKa9 for the complete details. Perhaps this will help James' problem.

Hope it helps you.

Intuit has promised to look into the issue where some reports won't export. If I pick up any more insight from them about this, I will be sure to update this post. I may not hear anything for several months on this issue though, as I believe the root cause of the problem has to do with the inner programming of QuickBooks.
i really don't understand that.

Scott, I'm having the same problem on enterprise. installing the new build R8 as we speak, we'll see if that fixes the issue.

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