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July 13, 2010


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I am doing custom development in Quickbooks i have imported all the schema and data into sql server using 'AccessBooks RealTime', how can i generate custom audit trial report, I can display all the information from Transaction table except the user who performed the action, i could not get where quickbook is saving the user information e.g. Admin

can it show if user made changes to company information?

Hi Steve:

The scenario that you outline is a possibility within QuickBooks.

One option to deal with this potential vulnerability is to consider the Enterprise version of QuickBooks. It offers a lot more user security features than the Pro or Premier versions do. With Enterprise, you can restrict a user from modifying vendor or customer account details.

For more information on Enterprise, please visit:

In addition, you could use a service such as AuditMyBooks to help assess activity within your QuickBooks file. Details:

Hope this helps!

Scott Gregory

You say that the audit trail does not track changes to lists. So in theory a malicious user could change the name of a vendor (to himself), cut them a check, and then change the name back to cover his tracks? Is this right? I'm asking because I'm trying to find the limitations of the audit trail feature. My bank is asking "when are you going to get rid of Quickbooks and get a real accounting system?"

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