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How Do I Turn Off the QuickBooks Messenger + Bonus Tip

Before you pull out the hammer and beat up your QuickBooks in search of the "off" button for the messenger service, you should know about two very important features it has that aren't readily apparent:

When the QuickBooks messenger service is running, as the administrator, you have the ability to:

1) Send a message to all logged in users (i.e. everyone has to be out of QuickBooks at 5pm for routine maintenance, etc.)

2) Close the company file for users that are logged in. Gone are the days when you are forced to yell down the hall for people to get out of QuickBooks!. You can quickly and easily use the QuickBooks messenger services instead.

To take either of the actions above, just right click the messenger icon in the lower right hand corner, click "Show QuickBooks Messenger", then click the "Actions" button at the top of the screen as shown:

  Instant Messenger Turn Off


It's easy - just click File > Utilities > Disable QuickBooks Messenger. That's it!

To turn it on later, just repeat the above and choose Enable QuickBooks Messenger

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