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May 20, 2010


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If it is showing up as duplicate income, that means something is incorrect along the way.

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Scott Gregory

I did method 2 above writing check from one account to the other, yet it still shows up as duplicate income on the P & L. Using QB for MAC 2013

I have a related question. I imported my Bank Account records via Export command. For each of the imported transactions, I have to associate them with an Income or Expense account.

But, I have a bunch of these bank transactions that are simply transfers from Checking to Money Market account. So, they aren't income or expense. They are just shuffling money from an interest bearing account to a non interest bearing account.

Any idea how to handle this. I am in the Banking.... Use Register area .

Even better, by using either of the options above, your accounting records will properly reflect the transaction being made. No more will you have a profit and loss report showing income that doesn't exist.

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