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How to Combine Multiple Companies to Run Reports in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Enterprise has a handy feature that allows you to combine data from multiple QuickBooks company data files into Excel. From there, you can easily consolidate the numbers as you like.

The following reports can be combined:

  • Balance Sheet Standard
  • Balance Sheet Summary
  • Profit and Loss
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Trial Balance

This feature is easily accessed by clicking Reports in the menu bar, then Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.

A window like this will appear:

  Combine Multiple Companies

Note that you have the ability to select:

  • The company files you desire to combine
  • Basis for the reports (cash or accrual)
  • Name for the reports
  • Various options in Excel

All of the data files must be in QuickBooks Enterprise format in order for this feature to work properly.





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Great feature, and i never see or heard about this any before. Quickbooks is good for managing and sharing official data through using remote access, and let us free from lot of repetitive work. Definitely this one is among the new features of quickbooks hosting.
Thanks a lot for your excellent information.

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