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May 25, 2010


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From what I understand, the export feature is only copying the customized areas of the template.

Logos and images are stored in a separate location and they could easily be reattached to the document if it had to be restored, but they are not copied as part of the export.

Scott Gregory

Does this also work for a logo that you add to an invoice or will it only apply to the invoice customization of text? My real question would be if I create a custom background then add a logo would this save both images?

Thank you.

Great guide you got here.

I find this amazing! We have spoken to six or more "Techs" at Quickbooks in the last week and none of them knew how to do this! We had to have their "Recovery" team member call us back today to reset our Assisted Payroll, and that person didn't know that this could be done. Thanks for your tip, it saved us countless of hours!

Thanks for a great tip Scott - I'll pass it along to all my customers!

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