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March 11, 2010


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Right Networks is the ONLY application hosting provider that offers a fault tolerant, fully clustered infrastructure where all clients can log-in and access a server farm consisting of 100's of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Class Servers & can run all supported versions, and flavors of QuickBooks, and Peachtree on your hosted desktop (including 2012!)

We’ve found that Right Networks, out of Hudson, New Hampshire (http://www.rightnetworks.com/) is close to ideal.

Quickbooks got a lot to offer. One of those that I love it that its ability of integration with other programs i.e. easily filing income taxes to a certain tax preparation program

QuickBooks Online gives you data center reliability, but doesn't give you a local copy of all of your data, and to switch from QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise to QuickBooks Online edition, you have to learn an entirely new interface and you give up several important QuickBooks features...

QuickBooks Hosting provides the closest to the ideal for ease-of-use because, unlike the other approaches, you actually run the same QuickBooks as you do on your local PC, but it is running on a remote server, inside a "virtual PC" - a computer we (http://www.rightnetworks.com/) set up just for you.

Not only hosted quickbooks saves infrastructure cost but also reduces headaches of putting in efforts to maintain the system implementing quickbooks.

@Tech suppport
Yes, it's definitely user-friendly. I mean, you can tweak a lot of stuff from this but still simple enough for beginners to understand the software with only a minimum amount of tutorial. The company has been using it for quite some time now and they are satisfied with it. I read that there is a bunch of other accounting software but I don't think we'd change anytime soon since we're quite satisfied with Quickbooks.

As far as I have met Online Quickbook it is an accounting software that is designed to be used easily for small business accounting, yet powerful enough for experienced online accounting professionals. And it really does cater a lot of advantages since it has a fee equipped invoice template and online invoicing. I just have to agree that it really does work so well if you'll just put extra time to try using and seizing its affective advantage.

Online Quickbooks hosting has advantages because by doing that we could save the cost of infrastructure required to implement the software and can also be accessed remotely that's an added advantage.

Let's ask the question another way - how much cost (both hard and soft costs!) is there to keep your current QuickBooks configuration up and running? You probably don't see it directly, but those costs are embedded in your profit and loss report right now.

QuickBooks, of course, comes with its own financial dashboard, summarizing key financial data from your small-business accounting records.

Or, maybe you have multiple locations and need everyone working in centralized QuickBooks data and doing it as simply as possible?

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