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As you look for ways to get more done in less time and provide even more timely insight to your clients in the new year, here are several solutions that may be of interest to you:ToolBox

  • Tic, Tie and Calculate - a plug in for Adobe Acrobat that will help you be far more efficient with your digital workpapers.

  • Tungle - software that makes it a snap to schedule meetings with clients and staff members. I've just begun using this in my business with great results.

  • QVinci - a great way to set your clients up with a customized dashboard of key financial data, performance metrics, and other key indicators. Works with QuickBooks and Excel data to create the financial dashboard your clients are looking for. Use referral code 74481650 to set up your own copy of QVinci (which you can customize for your business) for just $5 per month.

  • Rescue Time - an interesting solution to help recover productive time from your work week. Plans for individuals and businesses available.

  • CPA Productivity Survey - a detailed survey tool designed to help you take a closer look at how to make your firm more productive and profitable.

What technology tools are you using in your business to help with productivity and profitability? Post a comment below to share your secrets with us.


Scott Gregory is a specialist with QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier and Pro accounting software.

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Apart from Rescue Time, I believe Time Doctor is also an effective time tracking application to accurately measure how much time a person has spent working and on which tasks. Check out their comparison

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