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QuickBooks Replay: A New Tool to Say It and Show It

Find yourself trying to explain something that is happening in QuickBooks, but getting frustrated because words can't explain what a picture could?

Are you a CPA that would like to show your clients how to perform certain tasks within QuickBooks?

Either way, a new solution has been posted to the Intuit Workplace called QuickBooks Replay. In short, this tool is designed to allow you to quickly record a video of what is happening on your screen with QuickBooks (or any software for that matter!) and easily share that video with others. Even better, this software is free!

The process of getting set up with QuickBooks Replay was very simple:

  1. I downloaded the software from the QuickBooks Replay web site.
  2. I installed it on my computer using the installation wizard.
  3. I clicked the big red "Record" button and captured the video below

Once the recording was complete, I had the option to upload the video to my account atYouTube, where you could choose to make the video public or private. Or, I could save it to my local hard drive and simply send it as an attachment via e-mail.

NOTE: The QuickBooks Replay software can be used to capture quick videos of anything going on with your computer, not just QuickBooks issues. It is a perfect tool to help with some of those pesky computer problems and error screens that pop up too!


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Scott Gregory is a specialist with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting software and a number of QuickBooks add-on software solutions as well.



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Hi, I am new here. Last week I bought a Quick Books Premier 2013 software and installed in our computer. I never been added my accounting activities in any of accounting software. My question is Quick Book Premier allow me to enter all previous year journal entries as of today’s date? If yes; how? Can I add all entries by manually one by one or enter all my entries in pre define Quick Book template and load in Quick Book? Please help me with step by step or guide me for which template that I will use for Quick Book accounting. Thanks for your time in advance.

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