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August 21, 2009


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The limit for Enterprise 7 is 100,000 items, so you have room to grow.

Keep in mind that version 7 is no longer supported. If you are in the market for an upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise 2013, it is currently on sale at a great price - details here:

I am workinging on Enterprise 7. Approaching 10000 items, which I beleive is the limit. Is this true and can I delete items? Or what?


Unfortunately, there is no way to get the total vendor count that you are looking for.

I'm curious - how does knowing that information become helpful for your business? That is the first time I have heard of needing to know the actual vendor count, as opposed to the total $$ owed to those vendors.

Scott Gregory

How do I find out "Currently" the total amount of Vendors I have?
It would be nice for them to have a "total" count at the bottom after each filter is applied.


Is this something you learned by working with the QB SDK? The web site with all these references doesn't mention anything about the 10,000 limit that I could see. Curious how you came across that limitation...


Hey, Scott, one addendum. The limit of 14,500 for the combination of other names, customers, vendors and employees - there ALSO is a limit of 10,000 names of any particular type. So you can only have 10,000 customers in Pro/Premier. Or 10,000 vendors. The TOTAL is limited to 14,500.

Charlie Russell

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