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How many sticky notes do you have plastered on your monitor right now to remind you of things you are supposed to do?

Let QuickBooks simplify the tracking of these items for you using the To Do List in conjunction with the Reminders feature.

You won't see the To Do List as an option when clicking Lists in the menu (not sure why that is!), but if you click Company in the menu bar, you do see a To Do List. You can then open up the list and have QuickBooks become the central storage location for all those sticky notes on your monitor.

Even better, you can then have QuickBooks remind you about the to do items on any date you choose. This ensures you don't forget to make that important follow-up phone call about an overdue customer payment or overlook the call to your vendor to ask for better payment terms on your account.

This video walks you through how the To Do List and Reminders features in QuickBooks can simplify your work day.


Scott Gregory is a specialist with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Connect with Scott at his QuickBooks consulting practice - Bottom Line Accounting Solutions.



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The best suggestion that I have is to add both the to do list and reminders list to your icon bar (View > Customize Icon Bar).

This way, they are always one click away for easy reference.

Also, check your Reminders preference (Edit > Preferences > Reminders) to ensure that QB is showing the reminders list at startup, as it also contains the to do list.

Hope this helps!

Scott Gregory

Gregory -

Are you aware of any way to keep both the "To Do List" and the Reminders boxes visible at all times? I used to be able to see both in all prior versions of QuickBooks.

As it is now, I am forced to go into the Company heading to pull up the To Do List each time I log in to the program. I wish it could stay up like it used to.

Hi Terry:

If I understand your situation, you'd want to create a "To Do" item first (i.e. renew Employee A info), then put a reminder date on the "to do" item. You'd click Company > To Do List to start that.

Then, when the "to do" item pops up, you'll see the details which I think you are missing now.

Give that a shot and let me know how it works for you.

Scott Gregory

I would like to use the Reminder feature to track employee information (when licenses will expire) Ive put the info into the employee file, however when the reminder pops up, it does not include the employee's name the reminder is for - it is just showing a list of license numbers and the information I entered into the individual reminders??? What did I overlook??

Hi David:

Sorry to say, I am unaware of any auto-generation of reminders. You'll need to manually add a to-do with a reminder to accomplish what I believe you are looking to do.

Scott Gregory

Hi Scott,

Are you able to Auto generate a reminder after you invoice for a product?

Hi Meghan:

As far as I know, there is no linkage between the calendar and to-do items in QuickBooks and those you see in Gmail.

Maybe someday we'll see that :-)

Scott Gregory

Can you link this to do list and reminders into your gmail calendar?

Is there a way to have multiple "to do" lists in QBs? Basically, what I'm looking for is whether it is possible for each employee to have their own "to do" list within QB or QB online?


Thanks for the comments - this is an excellent idea, no question about it.

I am not aware of any third party QB add-ons that can handle this, but will definitely be on the lookout for them. As far as I know, this feature set did not make it into the 2010 version.

Suggestion - Intuit wants to hear directly from the end users of their software. Feel free to click Help > Send Feedback Online and share this idea with their product development team.

Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert

Scott -- We run 5 companies off of QB Pro 2008; and each has it's own reminders. The issue is that QB won't send you a reminder while the company file is closed. I'd like a tool to send an email, text, IM or twitter 24x7. Do you know of one? Or can you pass this to the programmers at Intuit as a suggestion? Thanks, tim

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