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When Will QuickBooks 2010 be Released?

Do I Lose My QuickBooks Data When I Upgrade to a New Version?

If you have been considering an upgrade to QuickBooks 2009 (or even if you are waiting until QuickBooks 2010 arrives), here is some very good news - all of the data that you have created in your current QuickBooks company file will update seamlessly into the new version! Whew - one less hassle to worry about, right?

Here's how the update process works:

  • You install the newest version of QuickBooks on your desktop/laptop computers (and server where necessary).

  • The very first time you access the data file you have been working with for weeks, months or years, QuickBooks presents you with the following screen:

    Company File Update Screen
  • Put a check in the "I understand that my ... box" and click the Update Now button, and QuickBooks then begins the process of taking your data and making it work in the new version.
  • Unless there is some significant data corruption going on in your data file (this is rare), the update process will take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. The duration of the update depends on how big your company data file is, the power of your processor, and the amount of memory/RAM in your computer. You will see a process bar telling you how far along in the process you are during the conversion.


  1. Make sure to make at least two backup copies of your QuickBooks data when doing this upgrade process. You can never have too many backup copies of your data around, just in case something happens during the update process (power outage anyone?)

  2. Make sure that you do this update of the data file on the server (if you are using one) and NOT across the network on a desktop or laptop computer. Strange things can happen if you don't follow these instructions (see #1 above).

  3. Remember that once you do the steps above, you are then "live" in the new version of QuickBooks. You would not use your older version of QuickBooks from that point forward. Simply delete the icon for the old version from your desktop  or uninstall it from your Control Panel and the Add/Remove Programs option.

If you like the idea of upgrading into a newer version of QuickBooks but find any of this conversation to be overwhelming or confusing, I am always available to help with your project.


Scott Gregory is a specialist with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise. He is also a CPA, so he understands the "accounting side of QuickBooks" and the "QuickBooks side of accounting". Reach Scott at (440) 527-5696 or at Bottom Line Accounting Solutions.



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Regarding the 2010 installation...

If you opt for the default "Express" installation option, it will upgrade your 2008 version, leaving you with only QB 2010.

If you opt for the "Custom" installation option, you get your choice of where to install QB 2010, and thus you have 2008 and 2010 installed on your computer. This is the option I always choose.

Remember - once you upgrade your data file from QB '08 to QB 2010, it can no longer be read by QB '08.

Scott Gregory

When I install the new Quickbooks 2010, does it install over the previous version (2008) or does it go into a new directory, and then I can uninstall 2008 without messing up any program files I may need for 2010. Are they completely separate from one another.

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