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Where is the Back Button in QuickBooks?

When you surf the web, it's easy to go back to the previous page you were viewing - simply click the "back" button to get there.

You may have been searching high and low for the same functionality within QuickBooks - unfortunately, a "back" button doesn't exist in QuickBooks.

No worries though - QuickBooks has an easy way to move around to all your open windows without the hassle of closing each open window to get there. Simply click the word "Window" in the menu bar, and you instantly see a list of all windows currently open in QuickBooks. It will look like this (though the entries in your list will be different depending on what screens you have been working in):

Open Window List

Based on the above, the check mark indicates I am currently on the Home page, but have 6 other windows open in QuickBooks too. To jump directly to the window containing the Balance Sheet, I would click on 4-Balance Sheet in the list and head right there, bypassing the other open windows in the process.

BONUS: Instead of the above approach, you can also click on View > Open Window list in the menu bar so that a permanent list of open windows appears on your screen. It looks like this:

Open Window via View Menu

REMEMBER: For the best performance of QuickBooks when starting it up each morning, be sure to close all of your open windows at the end of the day. Details here.

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