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Ever notice that your customer, vendor or item list has gotten a bit out of whack and isn't sorted correctly any longer?

It's easy to get any QuickBooks list resorted into its' original form. Open the list that needs to be resorted, then click View, and then Resort List.

You will then get a window that looks like this:

List Resort

Click OK, and your list will be resorted and returned to its' original format.

For customer and vendor lists, the original format is by customer name (and by job within customer name if you are using jobs), For your item list, the original sorting is by the type of item, not by the name of the item. To sort the item list by the name of the item (or any other column that appears in your item list), click on the header of the column you wish to search by.

For example, if you wanted to sort the item list by the name of the item, just click on "Name" at the top of the name column:

List Resort by Name

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