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February 05, 2009


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If you look at your preferences as shown above, is the "pressing enter key" preference checked or unchecked?

Scott Gregory

I have the same issue as Stacey, but upgrading to 2013 is what caused the problem. When I type in a Vendor's name and hit enter, it doesn't do anything. After some research it looks like the solution to my problem is... use your mouse to click on the search icon. Very frustrating! If you know of any way around this I'd be very appreciative of the advice!

I have the same problem as Julie - I had QB 2010 and the enter key always worked as "Save and New" but I've just upgraded to 2013 and now when I hit enter I just get a beep and nothing happens. I'm not interested in having the enter key move me between fields - I use tab for that, but I do want the enter key to work as "Save and New" again. Any ideas? Thanks!


Glad to hear your problem was resolved, but sorry that you had to upgrade to fix it.

Is it possible your keyboard isn't working properly, since both keys were acting up? Just a thought...

Scott Gregory

Thanks for responding so quickly Scott. I actually tried both of those and nothing was working so I ended up upgrading because the tab key wasn't working either, but now everything is back to normal! :)

Hi Stacey:

Interesting dilemma you describe here.

Not sure why QuickBooks is doing this. Suggest restarting your computer if you haven't already done so. Then click File > Utilities > Verify Data and make sure all is well...

Also, be sure to double check Edit > Preferences > General and be sure the use Enter key box is checked.

Scott Gregory

My enter key stopped working in a different way and I was wondering if you could possibly help me also.....
When I was in list for instance, and typed something in if I hit enter it would automatically search, or if I was in the Invoice section and typed in the number I'd just have to hit enter and it would go. Now all of a sudden it stopped working, it just dings at my and I HAVE to actually click the search button with my mouse. Any idea why it would do this???


For some reason that I simply can't understand, you have to tell QuickBooks to recognize the Enter key! Unless you activate it, QuickBooks is expecting you to move around the software with your mouse or by using the Tab key.

Hi Julie:

When I've trained new users on QB, they hit enter expecting to move to the next field and end up moving out of the form completely (much to their surprise!).

I am not aware of any keyboard or mouse shortcut that turns this preference on or off - so if it is happening "on its' own" as you mentioned, something else may be going on with the keyboard just prior to it happening. I've always understood that a change has to be made within the General preferences area.

May want to keep an eye on any keystrokes or clicks you make just before it reverts back. This is the first I've heard of it doing this...

I found this trick a long time ago; I prefer Enter to mean "save and new." However, sometimes QB just turns the feature back on, sometimes in the middle of what I'm doing, and I have never been able to figure out why. Any ideas?

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