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Update on QuickBooks 2009 Online Banking

As many of you know, the Online Banking Feature of QuickBooks 2009 has been met with a torrent of complaints and criticism. The development team at QuickBooks has heard you loud and clear and will be rolling out some updates and fixes to this feature during December.

The information below was provided to me as part of my membership in the QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor program and I wanted to make sure you were aware of it:

  You Spoke and We Listened

In response to your comments and suggestions we have worked to get the most requested online banking features out to you as quickly as possible. We are happy to share the following release dates for two important updates.

  Update 1 (QuickBooks 2009 Release 4)

Update 1 provides the ability to

  • Quick Fill. You will be able to start typing entry information, such as payee and account names, and QuickBooks will recognize what you are typing and complete the information for you.
  • Add New. You can quickly add new names, accounts, and classes within Online Banking by selecting Add New from the dropdown list.
  • Manual Match. You will have the ability to view and select QuickBooks register entries to manually match the downloaded transaction.

Update 1 becomes available on

  • Thursday, Dec. 11, as a download at (click on the Updates & Downloads link along the top navigation bar).
  • Thursday, Dec. 18 as an auto-update if you and clients have automatic updates enabled.

  Update 2 (QuickBooks 2009 Release 5)


By working overtime, our programmers were able to complete this first update and catch up with one more heavily requested change. Update 2 provides the ability to

  • Review and Add Multiple Bank Transactions at Once. You will be able to easily review, edit, and save downloaded transactions in a batch.

Update 2 becomes available on

  • Thursday, Dec. 18, both as a download from and as an auto-update if you and clients have automatic updates enabled.

For a video with more information and insight on the updates outlined above, you can click here:



The QuickBooks development team is also working on these issues relating to Online Banking:


  More Feedback


Bank of America. Some QuickBooks users have reported difficulties downloading bank transactions from Bank of America. Bank of America reports it will be able to update its systems to resolve these difficulties as early as December 12.

Multiple Windows. Some QuickBooks users have asked for the ability to have multiple windows open at the same time. We are working on an update for this as well.

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