Differences Between QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro/Premier - Part 1
QuickBooks 2009 - Important Software Update and Online Banking Fixes

Differences Between QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro/Premier - Part 2

Here are some additional key differences between QuickBooks Enterprise software and QuickBooks Pro/Premier (for part 1 outlining additional differences, click here):

  • QuickBooks Enterprise can now have up to 30 users in the company data file at the same time (the 2009 release of Enterprise added 25 and 30 user licensing options). No matter how many licenses of QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier you purchase, you will be limited to 5 users in the company data file at the same time. This can be a significant limitation for growing businesses.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise is designed to handle a much larger data file size. In general terms, QuickBooks Pro and Premier data files tend to really slow down and potentially have other issues and problems with them if they get into the 150 - 200 megabyte size range. QuickBooks Enterprise is much more scalable and can deal with data file sizes approaching 1 gigabyte (4-6 times those of QuickBooks Pro/Premier). This could be a huge advantage for your business - if you "hit the limit" in the QuickBooks Pro/Premier data file size, you have to go through an archival process that makes it harder to access historical data. That problem goes away with QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise supports the use of Windows Terminal Services for remote connectivity from other business locations.  If you have QuickBooks users in multiple locations, Enterprise can be a real asset for you. QuickBooks Pro and Premier do not work with Windows Terminal Services and are not supported by QuickBooks tech support in this area either.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise provides a much more detailed set of tools and options relating to user security and permissions. It allows you to have much greater access over who goes into what areas of QuickBooks and exactly what they can do while there.

These are just a few of the differences between the two packages. For more insight on QuickBooks Enterprise software, download my special QuickBooks Enterprise report, visit my special QuickBooks Enterprise web page, or contact me.



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