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Using Account Numbers in QuickBooks

By default, the ability to use account numbers in your QuickBooks general ledger is turned off. Turning this option on is easy once you know where to look:

In the menu bar, click Edit, then Preferences, then Accounting, and finally, the Company Preferences tab where it looks like this:

Using Account Numbers 

Once you turn this preference on, a box will appear in the upper right hand corner of each account in the chart of accounts where you can enter an account number:

Account Number Box     

The use of account numbers in QuickBooks is not mandatory in any way. Many businesses survive quite well without them. However, your CPA may ask you to use them to make things easier for them to work with your QuickBooks data file. By using account numbers, it definitely reduces the possibility of posting entries to the wrong accounts. In addition, you can type either the account number OR the account name when adding the account on a bill, credit card entry, etc. to make your QuickBooks data entry even faster!

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