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Customer Type field in QuickBooks - how it works

Within each customer and job listing in QuickBooks, there is a tab called "Additional Info" that provides a number of extra fields of information. One of those fields is the "Customer Type" field:

Additional Info Tab 

The customer type field can be used to track specific information about a customer. Some examples I have seen that work quite well:

  • Have customer types of Residential, Commercial, Government to track various types of customers.
  • Have customer types of Distributor, OEM, and End User to track various types of customers.
  • Have customer types of Internet, Yellow Pages, Web Site to track HOW that customer discovered your business.

The way you use the Customer Type list in QuickBooks is really about what works best for your business. Just remember - you can only have one type per customer. If you wanted to track other information about a customer, you would want to explore the custom fields within the Customer Center.

You can find the actual list of customer types so you can add new ones, edit or delete existing ones, etc. by clicking Lists > Customer and Vendor Profile Lists > Customer Type List from the menu bar in QuickBooks.

BONUS:You can create a customer listing in QuickBooks and then filter it by the types of customers you have created. For example, you could create a list of customers that have a type = Commercial and use it for additional marketing or informational purposes.

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